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Under the trend of plastic packaging, the demand for agricultural and industrial plastic bottles has increased greatly

with the rise of plastic packaging, it has become the general trend of major packaging materials in the market. In addition to the extensive use of plastic packaging for food, there is a huge demand for agricultural and industrial plastic bottles in the market. Because plastic bottles are convenient and light, their cost is cheaper than traditional metal containers, and their durability is strong, enterprises began to use plastic bottles to save costs, including agricultural plastic products, packaging plastic products, building plastic products, industrial transportation and engineering plastic products

in the future, domestic plastic bottle manufacturers will mainly focus on the needs of agricultural and industrial plastic products. Its experimental speed can reach 0.001mm/min ⑴ 000mm/min should be matched. Our country also has a great demand for agricultural plastic water-saving equipment. Every year, we need all kinds of plastic water-saving devices, such as all kinds of pipes and pipe fittings, emitters, and sprinkler heads. The pipes insulated with Bayer polyurethane can reduce heat consumption, anti-seepage film, geotextile and other 1.7 million tons. In addition, the small packaging of grain in China requires at least 1.1 million tons of various plastic substrates every year

in China, the plastic mulch used for horticultural facility cultivation, together with ammoniated film, silage film and wrapped film for forage, plastic seedling containers, sunshades, fishing gear, foam plastic plates, etc., requires about 3million tons of plastic products per year

the total demand for packaging materials and products in China is about 5.5 million tons per year. Businesses in different fields are developing rapidly in China. In the food field, which accounts for the largest share of plastic packaging in China, such substitutes are needed, but they are more expensive than NR latex. Millions of tons of various packaging materials are needed. There is also a large market for pharmaceutical packaging, including systems engineering. In addition to the sharp increase in the demand for agricultural and industrial plastic bottles, there is a great demand for plastic pallets, containers, packaging films and other packaging products in other fields, such as drugs and cosmetics

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