The delivery of the hottest k2k3 regulating valve

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The delivery of k2/k3 regulating valve project realizes the localization of steam turbine side drain valve

regulating valve, also known as control valve, in the field of industrial automation process control, it is the final control element that changes the process parameters such as medium flow, pressure, temperature and liquid level by receiving the control signal output by the regulating control unit with the help of power operation

recently, Shanghai Ziyi Valve Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ziyi CCI"), a subsidiary of Shanghai Ziyi, completed the delivery of K2 project, which is the first batch of products after the company completed the localization of steam turbine bypass valves. The successful implementation of the project marks the realization of localization of steam turbine bypass valve and fills the gap in the design and manufacture of domestic steam turbine bypass valve

mark Saurin, vice president of Asia Pacific business of Dow packaging and special plastics business department, said that in order to avoid damaging the thermal system of thermal power units, the steam turbine bypass system has become an important part of the thermal system of intermediate reheat units. When the operating conditions of boilers and steam turbines do not match, The difference between the steam produced by the boiler and the steam required by the steam turbine can be directly introduced into the condenser after bypass decompression and temperature reduction without entering the steam turbine. The main function of the turbine bypass system is steam regulation - high pressure throttling and decompression and superheated steam cooling. The bypass valve must perform these functions and reach the target pressure and temperature without excessive noise and vibration and wear of valve internals

in order to solve the localization requirements of key nuclear power equipment, CCI has used the imported British CCI valve technology for severe working conditions to overcome a series of problems, eradicate various problems caused by high pressure difference, high energy and high flow rate fluid in design, effectively reduce noise, and realize the functions of fast opening, fast closing and fast regulation, thus filling the gap of the project. The completion of the design and manufacturing of the project marks a solid step for the company to build a high-end regulating valve manufacturing enterprise, focusing on the development of three categories of new chemical materials, inorganic non-metallic new materials and metal new materials. The company will make unremitting efforts towards this goal step by step for the camp

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