The demand for aluminum billets in the hottest Jap

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The demand for aluminum billets in the Japanese market is high and the supply is tight

some Japanese traders and consumers said recently that the CIF premium of imported high-quality Western aluminum billets in Japan is $180-190/ton (against LME aluminum spot price). Tight supply supports the lift

after the summer (seasonal slowdown in production), domestic manufacturing activity is expected to rebound from September. The premium of aluminum billet is expected to rise with the increase of demand. A dealer said: "the market share of cars in domestic brands is as high as 85%, and the industry and extrusion manufacturers are in need of a large number of aluminum billets to meet the almost blank in most places of cars; on the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and it is necessary to screw two M5 screws on the opposite corner."

at the beginning of October 2002, the CIF premium of Western high-quality aluminum billets was 130-140 US dollars/ton

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