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Yifan aggregate production line has become a necessary weight for the development of the cement industry

Yifan aggregate production line has become a necessary weight for the development of the cement industry

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in recent years, the development of the cement industry towards a diversified industry has become a trend. The upstream and downstream extension of the cement industry chain has become an important way of industry transformation. At that time, the one-stop production mode of concrete such as cement, sand and gravel will be formed rapidly. Of course, the development of cement industry must be inseparable from the support of crushing equipment. Through reasonable crushing equipment, high-efficiency sand and gravel aggregate production lines are configured to produce high-quality aggregate, so as to ensure the stable development of the cement industry

according to relevant data, China's cement production capacity has experienced serious overcapacity after years of rapid expansion. Many less powerful enterprises are facing bankruptcy and bankruptcy. Powerful large cement enterprises have extended to the concrete industry, seeking new ways of development and making reforms

There are many ways of reform. In the rapidly changing market, excellent crusher production equipment has become a necessary weight for development. At present, there are countless manufacturers with high-quality crushing equipment production capacity in the domestic market, and Zhengzhou Yifan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. has become the representative of excellent manufacturers with its own efforts for more than ten years. The company has specially designed and produced high-quality sand and gravel aggregate production line solutions and solutions for the cement industry, "said Chen Linsen, President of the Institute of high tech industry of Suzhou University

Zhengzhou Yifan machinery PE jaw crusher and VI sand making machine are widely used in sand and gravel aggregate production lines. The whole production line follows the characteristics of Yifan machinery, which is always professional, rigorous, efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, greatly reducing the expected investment cost of customers. The sand 4. The finished sand and gravel aggregate produced by the stone aggregate production line on the surface of the steel bar in contact with the electrode has uniform strength, 90% of which is cubic, and the percentage content of needle and flake can be less than 10%, without internal cracks, which can greatly improve the service life of infrastructure projects and industrial construction projects

Yifan machinery has established cooperative relations with many enterprises in the cement industry at home and abroad, and has won a good reputation through high-quality products and services. The company will certainly become a rapid adjustment assistant and partner for the transformation and upgrading of cement enterprises to facilitate the experimental space. (

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