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Yijing optoelectronics plans to pay cash dividends with 70% of the distributable profits

the photovoltaic industry has recently been considered "the whole industry is in danger of bankruptcy", while the photovoltaic enterprise Yijing Optoelectronics (600537) suddenly launched a big gift package that plans to "choose suitable jaws and bushings with 70% of the distributable profits for cash dividends". Analysts believe that when the industry is at the freezing point, it is still carrying out a high proportion of dividends, which is like "streaking" in winter, and it is far from easy for investors to benefit from this big gift bag

yesterday, Yijing optoelectronics released its shareholder return plan for the next three years (2012-2014). The main idea of the content is that, except under special circumstances, when the company makes profits in the current year and the accumulated undistributed profits are positive, it will distribute dividends in cash, and the profit distributed by the company in cash every year will not be less than 70% of the total distributable profits of the parent company realized in the current year

how high is the high proportion of dividends

this dividend plan is much higher than the level of "cash dividend with 30% net profit" of most listed companies. Before that, Jeff said that when the company distributes its profits every year, 10% of its net profit should be allocated to the company's statutory reserve fund, and the company can pay dividends in cash or shares

the plan of Yijing optoelectronics immediately attracted widespread attention in the market. In the stock bar, some investors were also "moved" by the sudden generosity of the company, which seemed to enable them to receive a large amount of cash. However, the interview analysis found that this dream may be more difficult to come true

the securities times interviewed a woman in the Securities Department of Yijing optoelectronics yesterday. She said that now the listed company Yijing optoelectronics is just a shell company, so the profits will be distributed to investors

however, it is worth noting that the money investors eventually get is not 70% of the money earned by the core assets of listed companies. According to the above-mentioned person from the securities department, the core asset of the listed company Yijing optoelectronics is Changzhou Yijing optoelectronics. Changzhou Yijing's current distribution policy is to distribute no less than 15% of the profits to the listed company every year, and then the listed company will distribute them. Therefore, 70% of the total distributable profits of listed companies is actually 70% of the above 15% profits

it is difficult to earn money in the severe winter of the industry

in addition to the low real proportion of cash distribution, the bigger question is whether Yijing optoelectronics can make money in the future

the latest statistical data of Maxim group, an American investment institution, shows that the accumulated debt of China's top 10 photovoltaic enterprises has reached US $17.5 billion. If there are the following 10 states, it will be abnormal, about 111 billion yuan. The whole domestic photovoltaic industry is close to the brink of bankruptcy, among which, Jiangxi Saiwei and Suntech Power are the most likely to go bankrupt

in recent years, the net profit of Yijing optoelectronics plummeted. The net profits in 2010, 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 were 746 million and 106 million respectively, with a loss of 98.9 million yuan. According to this business trend, how much money can Yijing optoelectronics earn to repay investors? Analysts worry that Yijing optoelectronics is just using this as a gimmick to establish a good image of willing to pay dividends and generously repay investors. This three-year shareholder return plan may ultimately give investors a limited actual return

when the industry is at a low ebb, many industry giants are living in tight pockets. The industry giants represented by Jiangxi Saiwei are heavily in debt, and the enterprises with problems are likely to lead to bad debts of other enterprises, resulting in a chain reaction in the capital chain. In this context, it is an indisputable fact that the capital chain of photovoltaic enterprises is tense. The net operating cash flow of Yijing optoelectronics fell sharply from 417 million at the end of last year to -161 million at the end of the first quarter of this year

when the industry is at the freezing point, it is necessary for enterprises to retain more cash for emergency response, but the response of the above person of Yijing optoelectronics is: "the management makes decisions like this, with their consideration." It is worth noting that Xun Jianhua, the leading major shareholder of Yijing optoelectronics, has a shareholding ratio of 39.56%. If he pays dividends, nearly 40% of the cash will belong to him

interestingly, for the listed company of Yijing optoelectronics, which "attaches importance to shareholder return", the director of Yijing optoelectronics chose to resign and cash out. Since July, Chen Hailong has reduced his holdings and cashed out for many times, from the previous shareholding ratio of more than 7% to 4.81% recently. Chen Longhai is the former director of Yijing optoelectronics. He just resigned on January 19 this year. On July 19, when Chen Hailong took the lead in reducing his holdings, it was exactly six months after his resignation, which shows that he was eager to cash out by pressing keys on the computer. Zhonghua glass () Department

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