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Yifan machinery perfectly interprets the "craftsman spirit" of China's machinery industry

Yifan machinery perfectly interprets the "craftsman spirit" of China's machinery industry

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in recent years, China's infrastructure has continued to increase, followed by a scene of devastation and demolition. The emergence of construction waste not only pollutes the environment, but also brings a lot of inconvenience to citizens' lives. Therefore, construction waste treatment equipment came into being

because of this, there is a demand for construction waste treatment equipment in the market, so many crushing and screening enterprises began to study construction waste treatment equipment to produce high-quality equipment with the best technical level, so as to better meet the market demand

how does Yifan machinery, which has been focusing on the mining machinery industry, stand out in the face of such market development? Today, let's decrypt the "craftsman spirit" of the technical team of Zhengzhou Yifan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd

keep improving

it is understood that Yifan machinery has 15 years of experience in the crushing and screening industry. The reason for its high popularity in this industry is that Yifan machinery has a complete set of professional R & D teams and technical teams. At the same time, such teams have also been highly praised by the industry. Its excellent technical advantages enable Yifan machinery's equipment to quickly win a place in the highly competitive market. Here is the process of Yifan machinery's research on construction waste treatment equipment

At the initial stage of R & D, based on the design and manufacture of 10000 jaw crushers of Yifan machinery, the company successfully developed a new generation of CJ jaw crusher by using finite element analysis method to crush construction waste. Because the jaw plate in the jaw fracture is made of high manganese steel with extremely high hardness. High manganese steel not only has a hard appearance, but also has good flexibility inside. When facing construction waste, its internal softness and external hardness are enough to withstand any impact of construction waste and will not be damaged by itself; However, after repeated tests, it was found that jawbone was not very effective in crushing small materials such as bricks, and the crushed materials could not be recycled. Yifan team did not give up because of this. After a long time of research, it was found that the reason why jawbone could not achieve the effect of crushing and reuse was that it was limited by its own shape and could not repeatedly crush materials. Later, the R & D team of the company thought of using the method of repeated beating to break the construction waste, and at the same time, to achieve the best particle shape, so it developed the impact crusher. Through repeated tests, it is found that the crushing effect is very obvious, and the particle shape is also very good, but there is still a drawback, that is, the crushing of concrete with reinforcement is not smooth. The R & D team once again focused on the problem. Through the adjustment of the position of the core plate hammer, finally 5. Synchronously display the experimental force, peak value, displacement, speed, experimental state, experimental curve, etc., and successfully complete the crushing of construction waste. However, for a team that strives for excellence, it is further required to take resource conservation, energy conservation and easy recycling as the starting point of technology development. This is not the end. The design concept of construction waste treatment equipment is green and environmental protection, and environmental protection must be achieved to the extreme. Because the directcoating process only needs one step to produce parts, the R & D team has added an atomization spray device that is scratch resistant, UV resistant and can effectively reduce dust pollution on the original basis. Finally, the equipment not only treats construction waste, but also minimizes its environmental pollution

precision detection

the above is just the research and development process of Yifan machinery R & D team for the core link of construction waste treatment equipment - crushing system. The whole construction waste treatment production line combines the feeding system, crushing system, magnetic separation system and screening system to form a complete set of processes. Each system has been carefully crafted by the R & D team and the technical team. It is their "craftsman spirit" of never being satisfied with the current situation of the product, always focusing on the needs of customers, and striving to make the product perfect that makes Yifan machinery far ahead in quality and reputation

in Yifan machinery, the company has always respected the "craftsman spirit" and has the ultimate pursuit of it. To provide customers with the best quality products and services is the belief of Yifan and the unchanging commitment of Yifan people

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