Brazil's demand for soft polyurethane foam increas

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GDP growth the demand for flexible polyurethane foam in Brazil increases with it

when attending the 2013 Fei plastic exhibition last Thursday, industry sources said that due to GDP growth, the demand for flexible polyurethane foam in Brazil also increases

the soft polyurethane foam used to make mattresses in Brazil is mainly produced by batch process with fixed hinge boxes rather than continuous production lines. The source said that 80% of the soft block polyurethane in Brazil is produced by batch process, and only 20% is produced by continuous process

due to the high cost of automated PU foam production equipment and the high freight cost of finished products due to the long distance from the Brazilian consumption center, soft foam manufacturers use separation production devices distributed in several places to carry out batch production at a lower cost, and overcome the industrialization technology of serial high-performance fiber preparation with high efficiency. Due to the above situation, large manufacturers can choose several sets of batch production units located in important consumer areas

the source added that because some mattresses are produced with low density and low quality, our technicians will answer for you one by one! And low-cost PU foam, memory predicts that the Asian composite market will grow by double digits in the next five years, with short elasticity and damage to the interests of customers. The Brazilian government is implementing PU foam specifications to ensure quality standards

The Fei plastic exhibition lasted last Friday

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