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Yifan mechanical belt conveyor successfully passed the on-site evaluation of the expert group

Yifan mechanical belt conveyor successfully passed the on-site evaluation of the expert group

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on February 5, 2015, by Qu Guiying, national crane conveyor quality supervision and inspection center A belt conveyor expert evaluation team composed of Li Kaizhao from Henan Equipment Manufacturing Association and Guo Yongwei, chief of the supervision section of Xingyang Quality Supervision Bureau, visited a total of 368 participating enterprises and institutions to conduct a one-day "belt conveyor certification" evaluation

during the one-day audit, the members of the expert group represented by team leader Qu carefully and strictly reviewed the process documents, equipment and tooling, technical management system, inspection and control, equipment maintenance integrity rate at the same time, as well as on-site safe and civilized production of Yifan mechanical belt conveyor, but they should pay attention to the following points in the application process

at the summary meeting of the final data review, the experts of the belt conveyor expert review group put forward relevant improvement opinions and suggestions to the participants of Yifan machinery on the problems found in the review. Through the review of relevant materials of Yifan machinery and the on-site investigation during the "1015" period, the expert group believes that Yifan mechanical belt conveyor has strong technical force and perfect quality management system. The advanced production technology of belt conveyor is fully affirmed. Finally, all members of the expert review group agreed to pass the on-site review of Yifan machinery

after the review, the middle and senior management team of the company shared and conveyed the suggestions put forward by experts. Through this review, Yifan machinery has further improved the production process and technology of belt conveyor, and formed a more perfect system document for the company's production management system

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