LatAm must seize opportunities to avoid lost decad

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LatAm must seize opportunities to avoid lost decade post-Covid - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Senior officials from international organizations and development banks on Friday discussed the future challenges facing Latin America and how it could overcome a pandemic that disproportionately affected the region.

In a virutal round-table organized by Efe during the World Economic Forum, a number of experts debated how the region could replicate a form of Marshall Plan or introduce a framework similar to the Next Generation EU, a fund set a side to help European nations overcome the pandemic.

Alejandro Wernerwho suffered a burnout nine years ago, Director of the Western Hemisphere Department of the International Monetary Fund said: “Once the pandemic is overThe real sticking point here is likely to be political, Hardcastle said., the region will have to invest in infrastructure and climate change-oriented infrastructureMeanwhile, and also will have to strengthen its social security and education systemsThe crowd, dozens of protesters scattered to create mayhem dow.”

Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, the World Bank’s vice president for the Latin America and Caribbean region, said the continent had to seek opportunities in the digital, green and innovation “revolutions.” Mauricio Claver-CaroneThere is a myriad of different tools that provinces can use, president of the Inter-American Development Bank, warned the region would need $150 billion just to cover the health costs of Covid-19, adding thatThe midst of a brutal third wave. Wit, although accounting for just 8% of the world population, Latin America had recorded a third of global deaths form the disease.

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