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Don't throw away the old wall calendars and other white card printing materials, which can be donated to Braille schools. Almost every household has wall calendars, and the expired and old wall calendars are almost inevitably thrown away. It may be hard for you to imagine that this kind of waste is very precious for children in blind schools, because the white card paper of wall calendars is the best substitute for Braille paper. In order to save money, students with visual impairment often spend money to buy old calendars, or go to waste collection stations to look for them. I hereby appeal to friends from printing enterprises and manufacturers who print white card printing materials such as calendars, advertising brochures, boutique publications, folding cartons, greeting cards, etc. Please don't discard the waste in your eyes, please donate them to children in Braille schools

recently, Sina Weibo's love positive energy Weibo named @ one by one has attracted attention. The blogger's certification information shows that he is the editor in chief of peninsula metropolis daily education weekly. On his microblog, he called on everyone to donate the old calendar to children in schools for the blind! In another corner of the city -- Qingdao disabled training users in the pre unpacking center, Guangya aluminum is also the authorized manufacturer of two famous door and window systems in Europe. Staff are looking for old calendars everywhere. For them, old wall calendars are very valuable because they are the best substitute for Braille paper. If you have used up old calendars, please don't throw them away with the development of these products, and donate them to children in schools for the blind

according to the blogger's description, Braille belongs to touch Pinyin characters. Students with visual impairment should use a special Braille board and a special pen with a drill bit to reverse poke out point by point on the Braille paper when writing; Then read by touching the raised hole on the paper. They will use the old wall calendar to write and read. In order to save money, their relatives and teachers often spend money to buy old calendars found by others, which will cause great changes in experimental power and even go to waste stations to look for them

the blogger released the donation address of his local Braille School: Qingdao disabled persons training center (No. 34 Mingxia Road, Qingdao) office:

please go around and tell them, and do your utmost to help people in need

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