Don't belittle the power of speech

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Don't belittle the power of speech

[special topic of Guangdong Mobile customer service (Foshan) center]

I participated in the "blockbuster" competition twice because the customer service Foshan Center organized an internal "blockbuster" internal competition, and I just ranked high and came. Although the reason for coming to the competition is simple, what happened on the stage of "blockbuster" gave me great inspiration, that is: don't underestimate the power of speech


the content is refined and action is easier to resonate

I participated in the competition twice and won small Awards (most popular award and winning award) twice. I have been reflecting on it twice. I'm not nervous, and my eloquence is not worse than others. Why can't I get better grades. On the stage of the second blockbuster, I deliberately studied the speeches of the top ten winners, and found that they were different from my speeches. They were talking about their own lives and work, calling on citizens to participate in the recycling action, and talking about their actions. The focus was very refined, which could move the judges and audience on the field. And I'm just talking about my growth process, ignoring the most important part of action and refinement. My content is simple and rough, so I didn't get a better award

listen to others' speeches and get the strength to move forward

I have been in the service for 6 years. As an employee of the customer service center, I am very old, but I have never felt that I am an old employee, because I have been working in different positions in the promotion of different national standards for the "civilian" of graphene. In the past six years, I have worked as a telephone operator, lecturer, team leader, and the classification and equipment parameters of wood-based panel universal testing machine. Wood based panel testing machine is also known as wood testing machine, which is a professional post responsible for various work contents. Every role change requires me to learn again, which once made me very tired and unwilling to make any changes to myself

and I sat in the audience of "blockbuster", listening to the speeches of my colleagues, hearing the difficulties encountered in different positions and how they solved them. I heard a colleague doing cultural work say that he had to brave the difficulties to do the work of the host and save the scene; I heard from a colleague in the service office how she overcame her inner fear and faced difficult users; I heard how a colleague in the power room led the team to overcome difficulties and develop a system to do a good job of employee care. I sat quietly, but my mood was as surging as the speaker on the stage. We are all in the same company. We all face different service groups. We are doing similar but different jobs. We will encounter difficulties and we will be afraid, but we will still try to find ways to overcome difficulties. They are shining as they speak, but in fact, no matter what position we are doing, we are also shining. There will be difficulties and solutions. I seem to get a powerful force off the stage, which makes me change my negative attitude after the game and continue to work hard

communication is a unique speech

after the competition, my work content has changed again, and I have become a production management post of customer service. This means that I should not only manage myself, but also manage the whole team. Communication is the key to management. In terms of communication with employees, I give full play to my speech. First listen to the difficulties of employees, think about what to say, then consider what kind of employees the audience is, and how to communicate according to his actual situation. Finally, give full play to the charm of the speech, which can repair the cracks or local damage caused by external forces in the use process, and give the audience strength

I have gained a lot from the stage of "blockbuster". I think I will continue to blockbuster with a new story in the third competition

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