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On August 30, tech launched sentry edge II to improve RF signal monitoring (ctiforum) (Fanyi): tech, the market leader of broadcast video testing, monitoring and analysis solutions, recently announced that its award-winning sentry video quality monitor product line has added a new member: sentry edge II. Sentry edge II can monitor RF modulation and transmission stream errors caused by device errors or faults. With sentry edge II, video service providers (VSPs) can now obtain the information they need to actively monitor RF signals to prevent problems affecting users

some troubleshooting of Se single arm tension machine ntry edge II is a high-performance and scalable solution for performing post QAM monitoring tasks in a dynamic video environment in which problem isolation and resolution are very important. Video service providers can use sentry edge II in hubs, headends, or wherever QAM is used. The industry-leading high-quality RF measurement makes the positioning problem easier and faster. For example, the high-quality modulation error ratio (MER) measurement of up to 41db enables video service providers to detect signal quality degradation problems faster, so as to take corrective measures before the problems affect the user's viewing experience

the design of this product also takes into account the business needs of video service providers. Sentry edge II has more stand-alone tuners than its competitors, reducing the cost of edge monitoring. Video service providers can choose from two high-density product models (4 or 8 tuners), both of which are designed to minimize rack space and reduce power costs. Sentry edge II can monitor RF signals with frequencies up to 1GHz, so it can monitor the additional services added by video service providers to grow their businesses. QAM a, B and C support can meet the requirements of global video service providers

Eben Jenkins, general manager of Tektronix's video product line, said: in today's increasingly complex network environment, video and audio errors that will affect the quality of user experience (QoE) may come from anywhere, so in order to prevent these errors from affecting users, it is very important to conduct network wide monitoring. The advanced monitoring capabilities of our new sentry edge II solution are complementary to those of other members of the sentry solution family, enabling video service providers to comprehensively monitor video content from the source to the edge of their network

sentry edge II's high-performance design provides high-quality RF measurement capabilities for dynamic video networking environments. It meets the most urgent needs of video service providers:

its high-density design (4 or 8 tuner 1RU model) can minimize rack space and reduce power costs, providing an economic solution for video service providers to monitor network edges more comprehensively

the remote management of RF and transmission stream measurement results collection enables video service providers to move towards a composite and high-end direction, which can avoid the time and cost of collecting measurement results on site

accurate modulation error ratio monitoring is helpful to quickly detect the problem of poor signal quality that makes the set-top box unable to demodulate the signal

comprehensive and high-quality RF measurement supports rapid problem isolation. These measurements include RF lock indications (including LEDs on the backplane); Input signal level (channel power); Error vector amplitude (EVM); Modulation error ratio (MER); Carrier to noise ratio (CNR); Carrier offset; Forward error correction (pre FEC BER) and post FEC uncorrectable transport stream (TS) packet count. In addition, constellation diagrams are also provided

the ability to monitor signals with frequencies up to 1GHz enables visual manual hydraulic universal material testing machine to mainly use simple high-pressure oil source as the power source, and frequency service providers can monitor all its services, including the new services to develop and expand the business of glass balls for 286 automatic fire extinguishing system

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