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Agricultural Machinery Enterprises: in the market competition, don't forget to keep an eye on your competitors

the market is like a battlefield, and the key to victory or defeat often depends on the competitive information decision. As Sun Tzu said, "there is talent in the military, and there is ear out in the body of Judah". Being too rigid in the wisdom of traditional competition mode, lacking innovative competition research, and not mastering the changes in the industry and the main competitive strategies of major competitors are easy to cause strategic miscalculation, tactical dislocation, and fall into development quagmire or competition trap. To strengthen the research on competitors, on the one hand, we should study our competitors well, identify their strengths and weaknesses, know where to compete, with whom and how to compete, and be prepared to improve the pertinence of the competition. On the other hand, we should learn from benchmarking objects and potential strategic competitors, learn from and quote the mature practices of competitors' current growth supporting business and future development leading mode, as well as the construction and development experience of solid waterproof materials, avoid strategic risks, enrich enterprise competitive resources, and improve our own development ability

at present, the agricultural machinery market has entered a period of in-depth adjustment, the speed of industrial structure adjustment, product upgrading and industry integration has accelerated, and the systematic risk factors of enterprise development have increased. If you don't notice the small, the big is unpredictable, and if you don't pay attention, you may get involved in the "vortex" of competition. Due to the lack of research resources and research capabilities matched with high-performance measurement and amplification systems, most agricultural machinery enterprises have insufficient development capacity, resulting in the phenomenon of "blind people touching elephants", and can only participate in market competition passively or by feeling

first, the competitors are constantly changing. The competition pattern of products, regions and other industries has not been stable. Affected by market competition, user demand, product supply and other factors, the competitors of agricultural machinery enterprises are constantly changing. In recent years, the third and fourth tier brand enterprises have continuously narrowed the quality gap of their products, extended the horsepower of small chassis products disorderly, cut into orchard models with higher profits, and continuously impacted the market share of first-line and second-line brands by relying on radical price competition, distribution and other measures, changing the original competition pattern

second, there is a lack of competitive situation research personnel. Agricultural machinery enterprises generally lack research talents from high-end competitors, and there is no special organization to carry them. For the analysis of the competitive situation and competitive objects, it is difficult to grasp the strategic resources, development layout, and the real purpose and strategic background of competitors by simply sorting out data and transmitting information. Most agricultural machinery enterprises still lack internal training, external training, cross employment with front-line personnel, qualification certification, practical improvement and other ways to build a professional competitive situation research team composed of excellent talents in research and development, market, procurement, manufacturing and so on

third, the research ability of competition pattern is weak. Some agricultural machinery enterprises, especially new entrants, lack research on the competitive environment, industrial trends, competitors, and even their own strategic objectives, implementation paths, effective resources and capabilities. It is difficult to grasp the needs of market competition and comply with the trend. That is, we cannot deepen the "known", let alone explore the "unknown", form an information island or "grasp the eyebrows and mustaches at one time", it is difficult to effectively grasp market opportunities, resolve system risks in time, and fully adapt to the complex competitive environment, high-intensity market competition, confrontation and evaluation. Only by following the trend and comparing with others, when encountering strategic risks, they will be at a loss and fall into a passive state, and their competitive advantages will not be effectively formed and brought into play

lack of research on main competitors, unable to evaluate the current and future goals, strategic initiatives and future directions of competitors, and prone to cognitive errors. Only uncertain competition and valueless competition can be carried out, resulting in strategic blindness, failure to grasp the opportunity and initiative, resulting in strategic actions that cannot be systematically resolved in the light of the situation, and tactical chaos that leads to out of control targets. In the face of sudden challenges from competitors, the lack of a complete and systematic overall plan to deal with it is prone to delayed organizational response, insufficient response strategies, forced to be passive everywhere and fight fires everywhere, and being "led by the nose" by competitors

agricultural machinery enterprises need to recognize the trend and fierce situation of competition in order to improve their understanding and clarify their goals. The competition in the agricultural machinery market has gradually changed from price competition to value competition. Traditional agricultural machinery enterprises are seeking to become bigger and stronger, and emerging agricultural machinery enterprises have begun to pursue excellence and specialization, which has obvious phased and personalized characteristics

first, through resource optimization and business integration, implement structural adjustment and cultivate new competitive advantages. The pace of withdrawal or upgrading of non leading products and backward production capacity has accelerated

second, improve the manufacturing capacity of high-end products. Leading agricultural machinery enterprises actively innovate the research and development mode of production, learning and research, and improve their independent innovation ability. Improve the intelligent manufacturing ability and improve the product quality as drugstores do now. We will implement global strategic procurement of high-end parts and components and establish strategic alliances with high-end parts suppliers to achieve complementary resources. Strive to improve the manufacturing capacity of high-end products such as power shift tractors and their supporting agricultural machinery, and promote industrial upgrading

third, pay attention to the improvement of development quality. Implement strategic reconstruction and return to the origin of enterprise value. Promote the transformation from quantity type to quality type, from manufacturing type to service type, from focusing on scale to focusing on profit development, and comprehensively improve the competitive level of enterprises to adapt to the market, meet users and improve their ability

strategists attach great importance to the study of combat objects: "knowing yourself and the enemy will make you invincible in a hundred battles; knowing the enemy without knowing the enemy will make you win and lose; knowing the enemy without knowing the enemy without knowing the enemy will make you vulnerable in every battle." Especially in the current complex and volatile competitive business, all enterprises are trying to cultivate their own competitive advantages, so it is more necessary to carry out targeted research on competitive objects. This is not only an important issue facing enterprises at present, but also a long-term strategic task

first, study the law of competition. The market is like a battlefield, and the law of war is also applied to the law of market competition, which is a problem that any decision-maker guiding market competition cannot but study and have to solve. The law of market competition requires the analysis of phased characteristics, short-term characteristics and sequential tasks. Systematically study industrial policies and comprehensively analyze competitive resources and capabilities of enterprises; Carefully study the development strategy, competitiveness, resource layout, marketing mode and product performance of major competitors and potential competitors, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and find out the "golden points" for enterprises to participate in seeking competitive advantages; Implement resource optimization and capability coordination according to the competitive environment. Improve the competitive initiative of enterprises with regard to their existing competitive strategies and strategies

second, master the method of analyzing competitors. Attach importance to the acquisition and research of competitive information, carry out the research on competitive objects in accordance with laws and regulations, and continue the complex information hunting into specific research. In terms of public information channels, although all enterprises are strengthening their own competitive information protection, they can still control the quality level by level through multiple platforms and channels. For the needs of enterprise image and product image publicity, agricultural machinery enterprises will publicize the enterprise strategy, product display and other aspects through various exhibitions, promotions, media, and express the corresponding enterprise information. In order to meet the needs of enterprise development, competitors will implement industrial upgrading, publicly invite bids for urgently needed manufacturing equipment, recruit corresponding talents, and disseminate corresponding information. At the same time, through market research, master the decision-making thinking mode, product performance, channel layout and competitive characteristics of the main leaders of the competition object

third, establish a competitive platform research and strategy review system. We will improve the research mechanism of competitive objects, the inspection and evaluation mechanism, and the reward and punishment incentive mechanism, and improve the methods, means, and standard system for the inspection and evaluation of research results. Adhere to the combination of Task-based research and regular research, qualitative research and quantitative analysis, theoretical guidance and practical demonstration. Actively use tools, models and software such as strategy and market to develop towards informatization, modularization and practicality, and build a flexible, efficient, practical and advanced method system. Using comprehensive means, taking the actual market competition as the background, and using the core competitive elements of major competitors, we can conduct a comprehensive market competition simulation confrontation and performance evaluation with enterprises

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