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B & R is a well-known multinational enterprise specializing in the production and supply of automation and industrial control equipment. It can not only provide high-quality automation products, but also customize intimate solutions for enterprises. It has extensive technical support and perfect after-sales service. In order to facilitate users, baccalais has set up a wide range of training bases around the world. In baccalais (China), now it has set up technical training centers in Shanghai, Xi'an, Jinan, Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Shenyang and other places, and has university joint laboratories. The base has complete software and hardware equipment. Every year, senior training engineers from B.R. regularly train the trainees, adopting the training method of combining theoretical teaching with computer operation practice, and can provide flexible training courses according to the special requirements of the trainees

after training, students can understand and master the application development and equipment maintenance of baccalais' advanced control system, man-machine operation interface system, motion control positioning system and DCS system - APROL more quickly and efficiently, and can use baccalais products to create automatic solutions efficiently

pictures of Shanghai training site

the following is the schedule of Shanghai technical training courses in November 2009

a snapshot of Shanghai training courses:

remarks: baccalais Chinese station supports the download of all training contents, and the address is: baccalais station service and support/data download/download in training manuals

II. Training registration method:

1. Select training courses: customers according to equipment conditions, Please refer to the training course description for the appropriate courses selected for the technical basis of participants

2. Choose the training location: baccalais has seven training centers in China - Shanghai, Xi'an, Jinan, Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and Shenyang. Customers can choose and contact our local training center according to their needs

3 the customer talked about visiting the experimental machine. The machine of our Jinan experimental machine factory looks solid. Choose the training time: Shanghai training center has a regular class plan. For the detailed time arrangement, please refer to the training date schedule. Each training center will organize classes with an appropriate number of trainees according to customer requirements from time to time

4. registration: in order to ensure the quality of training, students have enough time to practice on the computer. There is a limit on the number of people in each training, so students should register for training in advance as far as possible. After filling in the "training application form" and sealing by the company, fax it to the training contact of the center. After receiving your training application, we will confirm the start date as soon as possible. If the course cannot be held as scheduled, we will inform the applicant in time and arrange other opening dates. Usually, we will confirm the training with the trainees and inform them of the relevant information before the class

III. Beijialai middle school 2. There is an anti pop-up protective cover on the website, "2009 annual course arrangement", for details:

1 2009 course introduction

2 2009 training schedule

3 Registration method

IV Contact information of training center:

Shanghai training center:

contact person: Ms. Mu Shanshan

Tel: 021 -

Fax: 021 -


Xi'an training center:

contact person: Ms. cailihong

Tel: 029 -

Fax: 029 -

e-mail: i@

address: teaching building of Northwest Polytechnic University, No. 127, West Youyi Road, Xi'an Beijialai industrial self control, room 109, 1st floor, building 1 Any combination and smooth switching between modes; Automation Laboratory

Jinan training center:

Contact: Ms. Li Yanqin

Tel: 0531 -

Fax: 0531 -

E-1 generally speaking, mail:@

address: Room 309, building 4, College of control science and engineering, South Campus of Shandong University, No. 73 Jingshi Road, Jinan City

Guangzhou Training Center:

Contact: Ms. Xia youchan

Tel: 020 -

pass True: 020 -

e-mail: a@

address: room 206, School of industrial process and control, Building 29, South China University of technology, Wushan Road, Guangzhou

Chengdu training center:

contact: Ms. Xu Kailan

Tel: 028 -

Fax: 028 -


address: No. 18, floor 3, laboratory building, Xipu campus, southwestjiaotonguniversity Joint laboratory

Beijing training center:

contact person: Ms. Li Li

Tel: 010 -

Fax: 010 -


address: Beijialai industrial automation laboratory, School of mechanical engineering and applied electronics, Beijing University of technology, 100 Pingle Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Shenyang training center:

contact person: Ms. Zhang Ying

Tel: 024 -

Fax: 024 –

E-mail: ang@

address: Beijialai industrial automation laboratory, second floor, mining and electricity building, Northeastern University, No. 11, Lane 3, Wenhua Road, Heping District, Shenyang

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