Don't fool consumers by drinking paint

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Don't use "drinking paint" to deceive consumers

don't use "drinking paint" to deceive consumers

July 18, 2005

in the morning of July 16, in front of the paint and coating market in China Furniture City, Tiexi District, Shenyang, a female paint agent opened a business to promote a strange trick: in order to prove that the paint was non-toxic and environmentally friendly, she drank half a cup of paint on the spot and poured half a cup of paint into the fish tank next to it, Four goldfish are still swimming in the aquarium

"basic information of paint drinking: accuracy grade 0.01N; resolution 0.01mm; main motor source 0.7kw, AC220V ± 10%; product overview and classification: according to the display mode, it is divided into: digital display horizontal tensile testing machine, microcomputer screen display horizontal tensile testing machine and microcomputer controlled horizontal tensile testing machine". Undoubtedly, it is to show that its products are harmless to the body. As early as two years ago, a dealer in a certain place "drank paint" in public, which caused the sales volume of the enterprise to soar. As a result, other enterprises followed suit and staged many "paint drinking" and "paint drinking" promotional "shows, and" paint drinking "has also become an extreme means of promoting chemical products. Now, "drink paint" continues the Shenyang version, and let the non hard plastic goldfish accompany "drink". For such a promotion "show", it seems to be a grandstanding practice, and is deeply worried about this blindly following, violating science, and fooling consumers

paints and coatings are chemical products, not beverages. Although environmentally friendly paint is non-toxic, it is not something to drink after all. Paint agents can never love to drink paint to live. Take the paint market for example. Consumers are concerned about the quality, environmental protection, color, price and other factors of paint. The weight of these factors in the hearts of different consumers is also different, but they all hope that the paint is genuine, meets the needs of the living environment, and meets the needs of their own personality and taste. Therefore, when shaping the product concept, we must focus on these points, We must know what benefits the product can bring to consumers, and what needs it can meet by covering it with a layer of metal nickel with microcracks

It can be divided into testing non-metallic materials and testing metal materials

agents' performance of drinking paint on the spot can be understood as helplessness under market competition. In order to win more consumers, we must do some "real kung fu". But the author believes that using the stomach to prove that the paint is non-toxic is a "big flicker" that can be flickered by brother Benshan. Because the impact of paint on human health in the room is precisely not the digestive system, but the respiratory system. Therefore, the world's health control indicators for coatings are mainly the control of VOC (volatile organic matter), which is where the poisons inhaled into human lungs and bronchi

at present, there is no clear statement about the damage of paint to human digestive system. But it is certain that paint is inedible. No matter how good the product quality is, it is not scientific to prove the safety of the product in this way. Paint itself is not edible, and what is harmful to human body is the toxic gas emitted by paint. Using this method to test will only mislead consumers. The real product test should be carried out in the laboratory. As for promotion, when the public knows what is truly "green" and what is truly environmental protection, you just need to show the standards and results of the relevant departments

ultimately, commodity exchange should be linked by faith, rather than mysterious "performances" such as "drinking paint". Otherwise, if you continue to drink like this, will the promotion of chemical products become "beverage" promotion

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