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It is not surprising that the signal of the electromagnetic flowmeter is too weak

the electromagnetic flowmeter can normally operate for a long time without maintenance after installation, and then it needs maintenance and daily inspection. It is a small problem that the signal cannot be received or the signal is too weak. Therefore, it is not surprising that the following steps can be done carefully, which is especially suitable for petrochemical, petroleum, offshore platforms and other industries with hydrocarbon fire characteristics

1. To avoid affecting the experiment, first confirm whether the pipeline is full of fluid

2 If the pipe is too close to the wall, the probe can be installed on the pipe diameter with an inclined angle, rather than on the horizontal pipe diameter. The Z method should be used to install the probe

3 Carefully select the dense part of the pipeline, fully polish it, apply sufficient coupling agent, and install the probe

4. Carefully move each probe slowly near the installation point to find the maximum signal point, so as to prevent missing the installation point that can receive a strong signal due to the scaling of the inner wall of the pipe or the reflection of the ultrasonic beam due to the local deformation of the pipe, while pressing the "OK" key to predict the area

5. For metal pipes with serious scaling on the inner wall, beating can be used to make the scaling part fall off or crack, but it should be noted that this method sometimes does not help the transmission of ultrasonic waves because of the gap between scaling and the inner wall. (end)

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