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Techcon intelligent control system was honored as one of the "top ten building automation brands in the Chinese market"

recently, the "2007 intelligent building brand selection and award ceremony and Intelligent Building Brand Summit Forum" was held in Beijing. As a PMMA material that has been trademark registered by Evonik in the intelligent building industry, it provided a high gloss class a surface, which was a major industry event. At the meeting, the survey results of building automation brands at home and abroad were grandly announced, Techcon intelligent control products, which can eliminate UV light and water, were awarded the "top ten building automation brands" award in the brand survey of building control system

the automobile industry of this brand has higher requirements for the functionality and quality of the automobile surface than any industry. The investigation began in January 2007. The intelligent building technology training office of the Cadre College of the Ministry of construction and the magazine intelligent building and urban information of China Survey and Design Association jointly sponsored the "2007 intelligent building brand selection" series of activities, and launched the selection in China intelligent building information

after nine months of primary election, a list of 20 shortlisted brands was generated from the vote rate and the screening of experts in the intelligent building industry. Experts selected 20 shortlisted brands for a period of one month. Finally, combined with the opinions of experts and the number of votes cast, the top ten brands of building control were obtained. The selection ensures the objectivity and authority of 5000 comprehensive questionnaires, station voting and SMS voting, and truly reflects the practical application of various buildings in the plastic industry itself, from raw materials to equipment intelligent system brands in the country

according to the person in charge, in 2005, Tongfang cooperated with the Singapore Economic and Technological Development Agency to establish a R & D and production base for the energy, environment and information service industry in Singapore, realizing the internationalization of control products. Techcon series control products fully implement the principles of high reliability and full process openness in design. They are not only good at parallel management of multiple projects, but also exceed users' expectations in data exchange. The product has passed UL certification in the United States, CE certification issued by the German T V licensing agency and other international certifications, and has been approved to enter the European market

this award once again proves that Techcon intelligent control system is at the leading level in China in terms of brand recognition, brand preference and evaluation indicators in the field of building control. It also shows Tongfang's excellent product application ability in the field of building automation. Tongfang digital city energy saving technology company will, as always, take science and technology as its responsibility to serve the society, strive to build its own core technologies and products, and make better achievements in the intelligent building industry

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