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Technical trade measures are becoming stricter. How can led enterprises overcome difficulties

Bao'an District has always been an important place for the production and manufacturing of LED lighting products in Shenzhen, and LED lighting materials are also one of the seven strategic emerging industries in Shenzhen. Recently, it was learned from Bao'an quality supervision department that in recent years, the export return batches and foreign notified recall batches of LED lighting products in Bao'an District have shown an increasing trend year by year. According to statistics, 25 batches were returned from 2015 to 2017, accounting for 60% of the total returned batches in the past 10 years; During the same period, the EU notified a total of 13 recall batches, accounting for 57.7% of the total recall batches in the past 10 years. Through investigation and analysis, it is found that technical trade measures have become the main inducement for the return of shipments and the notification of recalls

learned that technical trade measures represented by traditional requirements such as electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility have been tightened in recent years. Taking the European Union as an example, the region has notified six batches of LED lighting products in Bao'an, and many products involved have been notified by the European Union that they do not meet the requirements of the low voltage directive. After investigation, the main reason is that after 2016, the new EU low-voltage directive began to be implemented. According to the old directive, most brand manufacturers have moved their production to China; On the other hand, the export is also slowing down, and the products produced are forbidden to be sold in the EU. In order to meet the requirements of the latest directive, enterprises must conduct product review again

in addition to the European Union countries, developing countries are also paying more and more attention to it. However, today, there is still one part of the pressure testing machine with manual lead screw that uses technical trade measures to protect domestic products. Taking the "BRICs countries" as an example, Brazil has included LED lighting products in the national compulsory certification product catalogue, while India comprehensively requires products to pass bis certification. The implementation of these technical trade measures has led to a sharp contraction in the export volume of Bao'an District. In 2016, the export of LED lighting products to Brazil fell by 49.5% year-on-year, and that to India fell by 30% year-on-year. In addition to technical trade measures, Brazil and India have also introduced fiscal subsidies for domestic LED lighting products, squeezing the market for imported products

with the development of economy, the requirements of green environmental protection are constantly improving. Green technical trade measures, also known as green barriers, are another important trade measure of developed countries after anti-dumping measures. In particular, the EU and the United States have increasingly stringent requirements for energy efficiency indicators for the reasons of energy conservation and ecological environmental protection. For example, the EU stipulates that from September 1, 2016, the energy efficiency index EEI of directional LED lamps can only enter the EU market if it reaches more than 0.2, which is 123% higher than the current national standard requirements of China. The lampsv2.0 specification of American Energy Star bulbs came into effect on January 2, 2017, which improves the requirements of energy efficiency level and increases the classification level of energy efficiency and performance. The implementation of green barriers in developed countries will determine the future development direction of LED lighting products exported from Bao'an District and the living space when the specimen is close to damage

after the investigation of relevant regulatory departments, technical trade measures have become the main incentive for the export and return of LED lighting products in Bao'an and the notification of recall abroad. To overcome the above difficulties, Bao'an inspection and Quarantine Bureau suggests that the government, enterprises contributing new profit growth points and industry associations work together to strengthen cooperation

first, establish a collection, sorting and tracking system of foreign technology trade measures led by the district government

second, promote the construction of local standards and laboratories to meet the requirements of technical trade measures

third, strengthen enterprise environmental protection management, promote the establishment of ISO14000 environmental protection system, and achieve a breakthrough in green barriers

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