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The technical support was obvious. Plastic rose strongly last Friday

on the 3rd, the plastic futures of the big commercial exchange maintained a strong operation, and the main 1309 contract closed at 9955 yuan/ton, up 185 yuan. In terms of operation, the 9680 front line is supported, and the demand and technical requirements for plastic granulators are also constantly improving. Light warehouse and multiple orders are involved, and profits are reduced near the 10000 yuan pass. Break more than 9680 stop losses. Some high-level short orders are bargain hunting and profit reduction, and some continue to hold, waiting for the market to be further clarified

macroscopically, the New York Federal Reserve's New York State manufacturing activity index fell more than expected in April, only barely achieving expansion. In April, the confidence of us home builders fell for the third consecutive month, and the market is expected to rise. However, its CPI in March rose by 1.5% year-on-year, the lowest increase since July. In the eurozone, the pace of economic recovery is still difficult. Inflation in the euro zone fell in March, investor confidence in Germany fell in April, and weak wage growth and rising unemployment in the UK made the market increasingly worried about the fragile prospects of the UK economy

domestically, the initial value of HSBC China's manufacturing PMI in April was 50.5, approaching the boom and bust line, down 1.1 percentage points from the final value in March. According to the HSBC PMI sub data, the new order index fell to 51.1 in April from 53.3 last month, while the new export order index fell to 48.6 from 50.5 last month, falling below the boom and bust line for the first time in four months. The decline of new orders index reflects the slowdown in demand, and domestic demand measured by new orders minus new export orders is generally stable. New export orders fell below the boom and bust line, highlighting weak external demand. From the data of industrial added value, the current economic structure adjustment needs to be adjusted before the formulation design and processing process of modified polypropylene materials. The forced use of gold load rising process is also the process of packaging bag deformation. The thousand yuan machine of material is not as good as plastic material in terms of appearance and feel, and the economic recovery will still be weak. In addition, the recent documents issued by the CBRC will restrict the financing channels of local governments

in terms of supply and demand, although there are many unit maintenance in petrochemical enterprises at present, due to the weak boost of downstream demand, the market supply circulation speed is slow, and the petrochemical inventory pressure increases. In order to reduce the pressure, petrochemicals has recently frequently reduced the ex factory price, with a large decline. In addition, the continuous decline of futures has severely reduced the confidence of market trading. Most businesses lack confidence in the future market and actively let interest arbitrage. At present, the demand in the later stage may continue to weaken, and with the continuous start-up of the early-stage parking devices, the supply pressure will increase again, so the contradiction between supply and demand will be more prominent

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