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The inside story of AI training? Don't be fooled by training institutions

inside story of artificial intelligence training? Don't be fooled by training institutions

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original title: reveal the secrets of artificial intelligence training? Don't be fooled by the training institutions

touching his "shy" wallet, he walked onto the corridor of the training class. Looking at the red employment news in front of him, Li Tian took his first step to participate in the artificial intelligence training class

it was an ordinary morning, and it was less than 9 o'clock, but what Li Tian couldn't imagine was that as soon as he walked to the front desk of the training class, the lecturer's high pitched lecture came out of the next classroom

Xiao Zhang, the consultant of the training course, confidently introduced this AI training course to Li Tian. "After four reforms, our course has successfully trained thousands of people. In 120 days, you can become an AI master. The starting salary is 10, and the priority is to choose the water-cooling method of more than k"

on the leaflet page, even students with bioengineering backgrounds successfully boarded the special train to AI through this training class, and even got the salary Li Tian dreamed of

"become an AI master in four months, with a starting salary of more than 10k". Open the enrollment station of IT training institutions, we can see many similar enrollment advertisements

"AI from entry to proficiency, challenge the annual salary of 500000", "Ai training for 5 months, graduation starting salary of 11351 yuan", "0 foundation, 21 weeks, easy to achieve high salary employment"

every advertisement stirs the nerves of young people, but is the fact really as stated by the training institution? Brother Xun (official number: it Training Guide) let's take you to the bottom

analysis of the employment situation of AI talents

the purpose of choosing to participate in AI training is naturally to find a good job. But do you really know the employment situation of AI talents

according to the 2017 AI talent white paper jointly released by Tencent Research Institute and boss direct employment, there are about 300000 talents in the global AI field, and the device design with special market demand also helps bones regenerate more quickly in the order of millions

in the first 10 months of 2017, the demand for AI talents has nearly doubled in 2016 and 5.3 times in 2015. The demand for talents has increased sharply, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 200%

in the past three years, AI phase 8. Set the experimental time to close the post, and the average recruitment salary has increased by 8% per year. By 2017, the average salary of artificial intelligence recruitment post has reached 25800 yuan, far higher than that of general technical posts

see here, do you think the monthly salary of 10K promoted by the training course is quite conservative? Don't worry, look down

among the positions recruited by enterprises, 52.8% of the positions that do not remove the die for cleaning first require that the minimum degree of the job seeker is a master's degree. 55.4% of the job seekers in the AI field have a master's degree or above. A high degree of education has become a prerequisite for the AI field

why do enterprises care so much about the academic qualifications of AI talents? Because the learning difficulty of artificial intelligence is much higher than that of other technical positions, it requires you to master spark, deep learning, algorithm research, Hadoop, python, etc

how many of these knowledge points can be taught by it training institutions? Will a big guy who knows this knowledge be a lecturer in a training institution

reveal the secrets of AI training

since the real AI knowledge can't be taught, what is the "Ai" course of IT training institutions? Let's take a look at the "Ai" course outline of an institution

the advertisement is "artificial intelligence". Click on the page and it becomes "artificial intelligence +python". Open the syllabus and there is only "Python". why? The customer service staff of the institution answered the trainee in this way:

the artificial intelligence course is to learn an advanced Python language first, and only when there is a language supporting artificial intelligence can we further learn. This course is for 0-based students

if it had been two years ago, the training brother might have been routine. But what Xun Ge wants to say now is that Python is indeed one of the basic languages of artificial intelligence, but it definitely does not represent artificial intelligence

according to the trainer, after taking part in this kind of "artificial intelligence +python" training, the work direction after graduation is basically in crawler, operation and maintenance, etc

it can be seen that the so-called "artificial intelligence" courses of IT training institutions are basically "hanging sheep's head and selling dog meat"

since it training institutions can't teach AI, why should they hype their pseudo AI courses

it's very simple, because AI fire. It is not only the direction of national development, but also a sunrise industry in the market. Bring artificial intelligence gimmicks to recruit students, get twice the result with half the effort

there will always be trainees who will be trained by the training institutions. After all, not everyone reads the articles of brother Xun

where to learn real artificial intelligence courses

in fact, there are many online free courses for the AI field, such as the free machine learning course of Wu Enda, the former chief scientist of Baidu, in coursera, and the "hands-on deep learning" course of Li Mu, the chief scientist of Amazon AI

it is different from the above training courses. The course outline of the former includes CNN and deep learning, improving deep neural networks, super parameter adjustment, building deep learning projects, sequence models, etc. The latter includes preparatory knowledge, supervised learning, gluon foundation, CNN, RNN, optimization algorithm, gluon advanced, computer vision, etc., which are all advanced AI technology directions

pay attention to the official number of the trainer: it training guide (id:itsxzn), reply to the "Ai tutorial" in the background, and the trainer will share the real AI course with you

it practical training guide (id:itsxzn). Here is all you want to know about it training

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