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Don't buy this kind of wire for decoration. Many people don't listen to the old electrician's advice, and they don't know how deep it is until they check in.

we all know that the house price has risen sharply now. Although the state has issued policies to regulate the house price, now the house price reduction is the same as not reducing the price. For migrant workers, it is difficult to buy a house using the braking torque generated by the rotation of communication machinery and electricity to add load to the experimental belt, but if you buy a house, It is even more necessary to spend money on decoration. After all, the house has been living for decades. If you save money on decoration, you will feel uncomfortable after moving in, and you will buy the house for nothing. Especially when you buy service number materials, you should polish your eyes, so that you will not be afraid of making mistakes if you do your homework well. When decorating circuits, many friends will inadvertently buy black wires, which will cause trouble if household appliances are burned out. There may also be potential safety hazards, so when buying wires for decoration, we must see clearly. Don't buy this kind of wire for decoration. Many people don't listen to the old electrician's advice. Only when they check in can they know how deep it is

we all know that thermal power is a tiger. Once bitten, it is difficult to survive. When buying wires for decoration, if you buy fake and shoddy products in order to save money, it will cost less. If accidents happen due to wire quality problems, the consequences will be unimaginable. When buying wires, you must choose the ones with good quality. Never buy Wires with poor quality in order to save money. Some owners will subcontract the decoration to the decoration company. If the decoration company cuts corners and buys inferior wires for you to set experimental specifications, it will be very troublesome. But if we learn to distinguish the quality of wires, we are not afraid of being cheated

after you get the wire, you can peel off its plastic skin, and then you will see the copper wire inside. If the internal copper core is a purplish red product, which is used in automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, aerospace and other fields, and the color is very bright and the quality is soft, then there is no quality problem with this kind of wire. The most valuable part of the wire is its metal copper wire. Its copper quality is good, so there is generally no problem with the wire, When you go to a hardware store to buy wires, usually the boss is willing to cut them. You can have a look. If the copper wire is purple black, the gloss is dim, and it will break after folding, then the quality of this kind of wire is absolutely problematic

copper wire is the most important problem, then the next step is the external insulation packaging. If the insulation sleeve is tough, you will find that it will not turn white or break. If a good insulating skin is stretched, it will not have any problems after many times of stretching. If there is any, the weight must be high speed, but there is no low speed. Don't use this kind of wire

you can also take a piece of wire by yourself and use an anti-inflammatory machine to burn its insulating layer continuously for about ten seconds. If its insulating layer is blackened and there is no burning, it means that its insulating layer is flame-retardant and the quality is good. When buying wires, you should pay attention to buying brand guaranteed products. It will have 3C certification on it, which is compulsory certification by the state, so the quality will be guaranteed, I'm not afraid of any problems

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