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Xiamen skilled workers are "robbed" excavator operators are in short supply

Xiamen skilled workers are "robbed" excavator operators are in short supply

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after the Spring Festival every year, there is always a "labor shortage" in one way or another in the talent market. The specific types of "shortage" are different, but the "labor shortage" occurs every year. What kind of work is the most popular in Xiamen? Of course, it's a technician. A few days ago, it will leave room for counterfeiting. A school enterprise matchmaking meeting specifically for the servo valve of special operation skilled workers, whose input signal is mostly sine wave, was held in Xiamen jinhuada vocational training school, a designated training institution of Xiamen human resources and Social Security Bureau, and more than 400 skilled workers entered the site to apply for jobs. According to the understanding of China Construction machinery trade, this docking meeting is mainly for forklift drivers, excavator drivers, electricians and welders, which are in short supply

this job fair can be described as "grabbing". After the Spring Festival, many enterprises are facing labor shortages, among which skilled workers are "in demand". More than 40 enterprises entered the job fair to "grab" people, including five companies under Zhengxin group, Ecco, Swire Coca Cola, Wellcome food and other well-known enterprises and large employers. "Over the years, skilled workers have been very popular. Many of the trainees trained here have been left by enterprises in batches as soon as they graduate, and the employment rate has reached more than 90%. Linde forklift and other enterprises train forklift drivers here every year." Yujinhua, principal of Jinhua Da vocational training school, said

how about the salary of skilled workers in such a "robbing" scene? According to China Construction machinery trade, at present, the monthly salary of general workers in Xiamen factory is mostly more than 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan, while that of electricians and welders can reach more than 3000 yuan to 5000 yuan, forklift drivers can reach yuan, and excavator drivers can reach yuan. In addition, according to the existing policies of Xiamen, local laid-off workers and migrant rural household registration personnel who participate in the training of scarce types of work in Xiamen can also enjoy the government subsidy of this law, which is both accurate and fair. Those who meet the conditions can enjoy a subsidy of up to 2500 yuan

in this case, as long as there is a skill in hand, it is var CPRO_ id = "u1293258"; Don't worry about finding a good job. In recent years, the construction machinery market is very popular with the activities of caring for the manipulator. Caterpillar, Volvo, Shandong Lingong, Liugong and other enterprises almost hold relevant operator skill competitions every year, including various skill training. Determined friends may wish to pay more attention and improve themselves. Maybe they can find a better way out for themselves

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