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Tektronix continues to strengthen the function and performance of its world leading entry-level oscilloscope

the new tbs1000b-edu and tbs1000b dual channel oscilloscope improve the learning experience of student users and expand the functions used for basic research and development

Beijing, China, On March 19th, 2014, and on the date of printing and outputting test data, Tektronix, the leading manufacturer in the global oscilloscope market, announced the launch of tbs1000b-edu and tbs1000b series dual channel oscilloscopes. The new instrument brings comprehensive upgraded features, such as high-resolution 7-inch display, dual channel frequency counter and 34 kinds of automatic measurement. It is a value-added entry-level oscilloscope suitable for students and teachers, and supports a wide range of general commercial applications, including basic research and development

due to the continuous penetration of digital technology and systems into all fields of daily life, there are economic 1-top fixtures on the global market that can help engineers and technicians design, verify and debug these electrical systems; 2 - lower clamp; 3 - stripped part of the sample; 4 - undressed sample string 9 is in great demand for oscilloscopes that are suitable but powerful. Similarly, it is also a general trend to provide students with hands-on oscilloscope learning experience. Tektronix launched tbs1000 series oscillograph in January, 2013, taking the lead in responding to this demand. Now, on the one hand, tech pays more attention to the education industry, on the other hand, it adds new functions to further improve convenience, efficiency and versatility to meet the needs of all users

"as shown by the launch of tbs1000b series oscillograph, Tektronix is committed to promoting the innovation of our whole series of products", said Jeff Yost, the director of basic oscillograph of Tektronix. "Many manufacturers are dismissive of entry-level products, but we have provided many important innovations in this field, such as courseware integration, 10x oversampling on all channels - to improve signal accuracy and the most advanced analysis function."

help speed up learning through integrated courseware

tbs1000b-edu series is the first oscilloscope with integrated courseware system in the industry to help students improve learning efficiency and minimize teachers' laboratory lesson preparation and teaching time. Using the integrated courseware, teachers can display their laboratory exercises on the oscilloscope, and students can easily see the experimental results directly from the instrument

in order to further expand learning options, tech is developing an integrated content ecosystem, including PC based courseware software and a tech station, from which students can download prefabricated courseware content for free and use it on tbs1000b-edu oscilloscope. Teachers can also use this platform to upload their own courseware materials (which can be viewed through other tbs1000b-edu oscilloscopes) for sharing with the wider educational community

value for money, most functions

tbs1000b oscilloscope supports basic research and development, service and maintenance, manufacturing and electronic amateur applications. They are designed to surpass similar products and provide more accurate, efficient and convenient daily measurement

but there is a strong and continuous fire source, which can still burn rapidly and cause fire

general purpose models are not equipped with learning courseware, but provide other additional functions, including enhanced data logging, limit test characteristics (used to define test pass/fail masks for complex signals) and trendplot? (used to capture and monitor small changes in measured values over a long period of time)

tbs1000b-edu and all models of tbs1000b series oscilloscope have raised the performance and function threshold of this market segment. Features include a sampling rate of up to 2 gs/s throughout - 10x oversampling at all times on all channels, a 7-inch high-resolution display, and 34 automatic measurements - to maximize measurement efficiency. The bandwidth range of these oscilloscopes is 50 MHz - 200 MHz, and all models provide unlimited 5-year warranty, which is unique among similar products in the industry

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