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Tektronix 2010 Autumn Innovation Forum gave birth to the next generation of applications and products

Beijing, China, October 14, 2010 - Tektronix, the leading manufacturer in the global oscilloscope market, recently announced that the Tektronix 2010 Autumn innovation forum will be held in eight cities in Greater China from October 19 to November 4. These cities include Luoyang, Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Taipei and Hsinchu. During this semiannual technology event, the experts of Tektronix will comprehensively introduce the emerging technologies and first-hand market trends in the fields of high-speed serial, embedded systems, RF and video to the engineers, and show the latest test solutions of Tektronix. For the detailed schedule and registration method of local meetings, please refer to:

Tektronix 2010 Autumn Innovation Forum provides a rare opportunity for design engineers and professional technicians to consult face-to-face with experts, and have an in-depth understanding of digital circuit debugging, digital RF, signal integrity, system bit error rate and other test technologies and recent market challenges. Tektronix's 2010 Autumn innovation forum will be held in Beijing for one day, while other cities will hold it for half a day. At that time, tech experts will deliver a keynote speech, and the local engineers of tech company will come to demonstrate the test method on site before the cable withstand voltage test. Participants will participate in discussing the latest testing and measurement solutions for designing, developing and deploying next-generation applications

at this event, tech will also introduce to engineers and customers the latest enhanced model series products, including: TLA6000 series logic analyzer, which has the performance and functions of high-end debugging and analysis required by embedded system designers, and the price is more attractive; Awg7000/5000 C series arbitrary waveform generator is the most widely used signal generation solution in the industry, and its waveform generation time is 45% shorter than that of the previous generation tester. At the same time, this autumn forum is also the first time that Tektronix has demonstrated its powerful BERTScope solution in secondary cities in China after acquiring synthesys research in April 2010. The award-winning BERTScope has significantly improved Tektronix's high-speed signal integrity testing capabilities in the computing, storage and communications industries

we have entered the digital age with rapid changes. As a leading supplier in the testing and measurement industry, Tektronix is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to help customers maintain success in this challenging emerging technology market. Mr. Wang Zhongyuan, the market director of large and medium-sized regions of tektix, pointed out that for those engineers who are urgently looking for economic and efficient testing solutions to meet design challenges and speed up product development, The tech Innovation Forum provides it with the best platform

the 2010 tech autumn innovation forum will be held in the following cities in Greater China:

October 19, Luoyang

October 19, Taipei

October 20, Hsinchu

October 22, Beijing

October 26, Xi'an

October 28, Chengdu

November 2, Wuhan

November 4, Nanjing


Beijing station will provide full-day courses.(including lunch) Other stations only provide afternoon courses:

08:30 ~ 09:00 sign in

08:50 ~ 09:00 deliver the opening speech

09:00 ~ 09:50 complete USB3.0 sender and receiver test scheme

09:18, power: 2.0kw; 50 ~ 10:40 PCI Express2.. 0 new requirements in evolution

10:40 ~ 10:50 product demonstration/rest

101: before using the experimental machine, check the power supply Connection of wires and equipment: 50 ~ 11:40 server level storage: mainstream 6G test requirements and preparation for 12g conversion

11:40 ~ Sensong 12:30 sdla and/40 gb/s physical layer measurement in the new standard

12:30 ~ 13:30 lunch

13:40 ~ 14:50 for complex signal simulation and analysis in the field of government research and development -- digital baseband/if/RF solution

14:50 ~ 15:30 in-depth analysis of system bit error rate -- BERTScope product introduction

15:30 ~ 15:40 product demonstration/rest

15:40 ~ 16:20 Tektronix real-time spectrometer solutions in Government R & D and industrial fields

16:20 ~ 17:00 signal integrity testing and digital circuit debugging solutions and case analysis

17:00 ~ 17:05 raffle

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