Trial production of the mesh cage of a new type of

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A new type of mechanical pulping round thickener cage has been successfully trial produced in Yueyang paper. Recently, the new mechanical pulping round thickener cage designed and manufactured by the mechanical pulp workshop of Hunan Yueyang Paper Group has been successfully tried out at one time. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, balanced operation, uniform sizing, obvious dehydration effect and so on. The manufacturing cost is nearly 20000 yuan lower than before. Due to the large-scale, comprehensive and high-speed equipment, the slurry concentration after dehydration is reduced from 0 If it is raised to less than 9%, the scale lifting mechanism can be increased to more than 5% according to the thickness of the test piece, which fully meets the quality requirements of mechanical ground wood pulp

aiming at the traditional dewatering machine cage composed of spokes, copper plates, copper bars, copper wires, etc., which has independent manufacturing and development experience and multiple social resources, the technicians in Yuezhou paper machine pulp workshop have complex structure, the copper wires wear fast, and the copper bars are easy to loosen and break, resulting in difficult maintenance, high maintenance frequency, and high cost. After extensive data collection and peer experience, the new cage changed the solid shaft into a hollow shaft, reduced the number of spokes, and replaced the copper plate, copper strip and copper wire of the original cage with drilled stainless steel on the surface. The more expensive copper material is omitted. The cost of each dehydration machine is saved by nearly 3000 yuan. At the same time, the cage structure is simplified, the weight is reduced by 1/and the degree of automation is very high. 3. The maintenance difficulty and cost consumption are greatly reduced, and the service life is effectively extended. The application of this new type of cage is the first time in China, and it is an ideal dehydration equipment for mechanically ground wood pulp at present

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